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Ownership and Responsibility

Here at the Resource Center, we offer free care for both men and women facing unintended pregnancies, along with free STD testing.  Call 970-353-2673 to schedule your FREE STD TEST appointment or peer-advising appointment with another man about a pregnancy.   And in the meantime, here’s a post by a guy, for the guys. 


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Already taken the first abortion pill?

If you are having second thoughts and would like more answers to your questions about the abortion pill, our caring medical professionals are able to help. Learn more here.


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We’ve Been There Too – Part Two

“I hope that you are in a better situation than I was, but if you are not, you’re not alone. . . Sometimes an outside perspective can be really helpful in understanding what is going on.” One of our caring advisors finishes sharing her story in this week’s blog. Click to read more.


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We’ve Been There Too – Part One

When you come for an appointment at The Resource Center, you can expect to talk to someone who cares for you and is able to share the information you need to make an informed decision.  Many of our advisors have been there too. . .perhaps scared about a potential pregnancy and not knowing what to do. Below one advisor shares her story about a relationship and a potential pregnancy.     


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Tips to Stay Safe over the Break

Whether you’re flying, driving, or staying put over the holiday break, here are some tips on how to stay safe over the holidays. Click to read more!


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Our Christmas Child

Worried about a pregnancy at a rough time? I can relate. My husband’s job was waning and I was juggling bills. You know…gas bill first, phone bill, and wondering if the electric company would turn off your electricity after one notice or two…….


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Are You Prepared?

Just like you prepare for a test, you can be prepared with your personal and sexual health. Plan to come see us.  We can help you be prepared before anything unexpected happens.


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Our Staff Gives Thanks

Serving our community with free pregnancy tests, STD tests and more for over 35 years causes us to have a lot of reasons to give thanks this Thanksgiving season!  Below our staff shares some of the things that they are most grateful for this year. 


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Our Clients Say – October 2017

At The Resource Center, it is our desire that each client who walks through our doors feels comfortable and welcomed and leaves with the information and resources they need for their situation.  Whether you are concerned about potential STDs, an unplanned pregnancy, needing abortion information, or happy to be pregnant, we are here for you!   Here’s how some of our clients over the last few months answered the question “What helped you the most today?” 


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Early Signs of a Potential Pregnancy

Whether you are excited about the possibility or fearful of being pregnant, sometimes you want to know as early as possible if you are actually pregnant. How can you tell if you might be pregnant?



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