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3 Tips for College Freshmen

You’re excited to be moving out on your own for the first time, are full of hopes for your college experience and starting a new season of life.  But in order to have a smooth transition into college life, it’s important to make sure that you’ve thought through some of the basics.


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Long-Term Consequences of STDs

STDs can have long term consequences on your health.  There are many different types of STDs that can be passed from one person to another during sexual contact. Many times an individual may not observe any signs of having an STD for days, weeks, or even longer.


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Summer Dates

What’s fun during summer? Picnics, boating, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors in Colorado are fun! What do you know about your date? Exciting, fun-loving, good looking? What do you what to remember about your summer? I remember a summer romance that included picnics, the beach, a boat ride, an ancient Indian ballpark, and driving lessons.


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Our Clients Say – May/June 2017

At The Resource Center, it is our desire that each client who walks through our doors feels comfortable and welcomed and leaves with the information and resources they need for their situation.  Whether you are concerned about potential STDs, an unplanned pregnancy, needing abortion information, or happy to be pregnant, we are here for you!   Here’s how some of our clients over the last month answered the question “What helped you the most today?” 


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What to Expect at Your STD Appointment

Read about how our STD appointments work, what STD’s we test for and more!


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Another Location, Same Purpose

The Resource Center now has a location in Windsor, CO. We are open to service the needs of the community. The environment and services offered are the same as our Greeley location.

Call (970) 833-1679 for the best appointment times.


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Waters of Life

During college, students often feel overwhelmed. Everything has just been piled onto their plate. At times, college students feel like they are drowning with nothing to grab onto. The Resource Center is a raft for the students when the extra weight of an unexpected pregnancy or STD infection is pulling them down into the depths.


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STD’S That Start with H!

With more than 110 million STD infections occurring in the US, it is an important thing to be educated on. Can you name the 4 STD’s that start with H which you can never get rid of, and how to never contract them in the first place?


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Netflix and Chill

Dating in college should be a time to get to know another person in a far more personal way than a hookup. Don’t be afraid to say no to the “Netflix and Chill” culture.


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This one is for the guys. What makes men stand apart from the boys? The answer might not be as black and white as it seems.



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