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Early Signs of a Potential Pregnancy

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Early Signs of a Potential Pregnancy

Whether you are excited about the possibility or fearful of being pregnant, sometimes you want to know as early as possible if you are actually pregnant. How can you tell if you might be pregnant?


There are some signs and symptoms that a woman may experience early on that indicate that she may be pregnant. Some of the common signs and symptoms of pregnancy are:

  • Missed Period. A missed period is one of the more obvious signs of pregnancy. This sign may be difficult for women with irregular periods to rely on, though.
  • Changes in Breasts. Women may have changes in their breasts especially swollen, tender breasts. The woman may also notice that the areola (the area around the nipple) darkens and enlarges. Sometimes the veins in the woman’s breasts also become more noticeable.
  • Due to hormone changes and the physical demands of pregnancy, the woman may feel more fatigued.
  • Mood Changes. Moodiness of mood changes similar to what a woman may experience during PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) can occur.
  • More Frequent Urination. A pregnant woman has an increase in blood volume that means that there is more fluid that the woman’s kidneys process into urine. As the woman’s uterus grows, there is also more pressure put on the bladder.
  • Nausea and/or Vomiting. The woman may experience nausea and sometimes vomiting. Some women experience severe nausea and some may never have any nausea.
  • The woman may experience bloating similar to bloating while starting her period.
  • Light Cramping. Mild cramping can occur early in pregnancy, which can feel like mild menstrual cramping.
  • When a fertilized egg implants in the uterus, some women notice light spotting. This occurs about 10-14 days after conception, which is about the same time many women would get their period.
  • Stuffy/Runny Nose. Due to increased blood flow and hormone changes, the lining in your nose can swell. This can lead to feelings of a stuffy nose and may result in a runny nose.
  • Your digestive system slows down due to changes in hormones during pregnancy which can lead to constipation. As the uterus grows larger, extra pressure may be put on the intestines increasing the risk of experiencing constipation.


Many of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, especially early on, can easily be confused with symptoms that can occur because of other illnesses or physical issues. Each woman is different and experiences different symptoms during pregnancy.  Taking a pregnancy test is the first step in determining whether you are pregnant or not. At The Resource Center, we offer free, confidential pregnancy tests for any woman who suspects that she may be pregnant. We also have trained advisors and medical professionals who can meet with you and help determine what your options are whether you are pregnant or have a negative pregnancy test. We would be happy to serve you.  Call today for an appointment at 970-353-2673 for our Greeley location or 970-833-1679 in Windsor.  


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