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Our Staff Gives Thanks

Serving our community with free pregnancy tests, STD tests and more for over 35 years causes us to have a lot of reasons to give thanks this Thanksgiving season!  Below our staff shares some of the things that they are most grateful for this year. 


I’m thankful for the brand-new ultrasound that one of our generous supporters gave to us. We’ve offered free ultrasound scans for cardiac confirmation at our Greeley office for 17 years. Now our Windsor clients facing unplanned pregnancies will be able to have that helpful medical information to make a decision that’s best for their lives.
Executive Director


I’m thankful to be able to share information with clients during STD tests and pregnancy tests so that those clients can make the best-informed decision for themselves. 
Staff Nurse


I am always thankful to meet so many smiling faces up on the UNC campus.  I know it can be hard to smile at someone who is talking about FREE STD testing and Pregnancy tests, but UNC and the Greeley community has always been welcoming to me.  
Campus Outreach Coordinator


I thankful that there is a place like The Resource Center, where profit isn’t the big push and you’re not just another number.  I love getting to care for people and help to put them at ease when they are faced with some of life’s hardest times as well as the happiest. Providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and parenting classes are just some of the ways we care for people…and I love it!    
Director of Client Services – Windsor


I am thankful for the staff at The Resource Center.  Their hearts are beautiful!  It is their desire to positively influence everyone that walks through the doors.  
Office Manager


I am so thankful for such a skilled team of nurses who can provide education and support for healthy choices whether it be related to pregnancy or STDs.  I am thankful for the state of the art ultrasound machine that provides such clear images so that our clients can make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy.
Nurse Manager


I am thankful that I work in a place where everyone is so loving and supportive to women with unexpected pregnancies.  
Director of Client Services – Greeley


I’m thankful to work at a medical clinic like The Resource Center that doesn’t bill clients for any of our services.  There is no need for Medicare or insurance either.  It’s just plain FREE.  That makes me grateful for all the supporters who generously give so that our services will remain free.  
Executive Director


I am thankful to be able to answer the calls as they come into the center. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help clients schedule STD appointments, pregnancy tests, and to help woman considering abortion to get truthful information so they can make an informed decision.  
Helpline Advisor


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