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STD’S That Start with H!

By Tarri M.

STD’S That Start with H!


An estimated 20 million new sexually transmitted disease infections happen each year, half among young people ages 15 and 24!!

There are more than 110 million total STD infections across the United States!


Please beware of all STD’s, however let’s start with 4………

These 4 that begin with H are viruses that live in your body always. You can treat the symptoms that they cause but you cannot eradicate them from your body!

  • Herpes can cause sores all over your privates and it is spread by skin to skin contact.


  • HIV is a virus that weakens your immune system and it is routinely fatal. It is spread by the exchange of body fluids.


  • HPV is a viral infection that can cause genital warts and/or cervical cancer; it is spread primarily through genital contact.


  • Hepatitis B and C are serious diseases caused by viruses that attack the liver and can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure and death; it is spread by exchange of body fluids.

The surest way to avoid infection with any sexually transmitted disease is to practice sexual abstinence while single.

Please honor your body. All STD’s can possibly cause long term complications!!

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