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Tips to Stay Safe over the Break

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Tips to Stay Safe over the Break

Whether you’re flying, driving, or staying put over the holiday break, here are some tips on how to stay safe and warm!


  • Stay healthy

Don’t fall off the bandwagon now! You have been so good about eating good and working out this first half of the school year! Did you know that not working out for three days, you loss a week of training?  Not working out for a week and you loss a month! Don’t throw all that hard work, sweat, and tears away for nothing!!


  • Stay alert

It never hurts to be aware of your surrounding.  Your gut feeling can tell you a lot about the situation you are putting yourself into.  Don’t overlook it.  If you are unsure, get out of there and change your course.


  • Always pack a blanket

I am cold all of the time.  I go NOWHERE without a blanket, even in the summer 🙂  It is a good idea to keep one in the car while traveling just in case something was to go wrong.


  • Play it safe

There are many other ways to have fun besides hooking up with the person you just meet.  The safest way to protect yourself from an unexpected pregnancy or STD is to be abstinent.  Play it safe and wait.  Call The Resource Center for a free and confidential appointment for STD testing or a pregnancy test, if an unplanned encounter has you concerned.   


  • Got your back?

Who has your back? Do you have your friend’s? The buddy system is a must.  Now I don’t mean that you have to hold each other’s hands as you cross the street, but you have to be there for one another.


  • Over prepare

Make sure to have copies or pictures of all the flight, hotel, and car rental information before you leave.  Better to be over prepared than under prepared. Man, would it throw a wrench into your plans if you did not have everything you needed.  Double and triple check. This goes for packing as well.  Don’t forget that toothbrush!


Hope these were helpful tips for you! May your break feel long and refreshing!!


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