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Waters of Life

By Ami D.

Waters of Life

        College is a testing time.  We are asked to make our life decisions all at once.  We are given more freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.  Classes, homework, and maybe a job or sport are all piled onto our plates.  It may feel like you are drowning and just can’t seem to keep your head above water.


        Then another current comes and pulls you down in the deep waters of life.  You find out you’re pregnant or that you have just tested positive for an STD.


        What am I going to do now?  How am I going to stay afloat?  These questions and many more continue to race through your mind.


         Suddenly, you see something up ahead.  As it floats closer, you discover it’s a raft!  This is great news! What could be better when you have almost given up?  The raft will help you stay on top of the currents that try to pull you down.  The raft will show you how to navigate the waters of life.


For 35 years, the Resource Center has been a raft for worried college students and working adults.  Not only does the Resource Center provide individuals with free pregnancy tests and STD testing and treatment, but they walk beside you through the whole journey, offering support along the way.  The Resource Center is here to help you through your pregnancy.  Even STD treatments are at no cost.  The staff and nurses provide a listening ear when you need one most.


The Resource Center helps you stay afloat while offering all services confidentially and at no cost.


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