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We've Been There Too - Part Two

The Resource Center

We’ve Been There Too – Part Two

When you come for an appointment at The Resource Center, you can expect to talk to someone who cares for you and is able to share the information you need to make informed decisions.  Many of our advisors have been there too. . .perhaps scared about a potential pregnancy and not knowing what to do. Below one of our advisors continues her story about a pregnancy scare.  Read Part One Here. 


The next day we drove together to this building and he told me to go inside and get the “Plan B” pill. I didn’t really understand what that was or why he was telling me to do that. He had just told me that if I went in there and got that pill that I would start my period and everything would be ok. I really wanted him to come in there with me but he wouldn’t. He told me I just had to go in there and do it. After leaving that place we never talked about it again, and our relationship continued. But I always remember thinking, “Why didn’t he just come in with me?” He told me that he would help me through this and we would figure it out together, but then he told me that I had to do this alone.


There were a lot of red flags in this relationship. First of all, I should have put a better thinking cap on when we started dating. Sure, in the beginning he was really nice to me, but he had a reputation of not being the greatest guy. He had gotten in trouble with drugs and alcohol, and he wasn’t very polite to teachers or his friends. And then once we started dating I should have questioned his behavior when he started putting me down.


A huge indication that my relationship with this boy was not good was how he didn’t care about what I wanted to do when I had that late period. I had no choice in that situation and he took my naiveté for granted. That should have been my choice, not his. No one can make that decision for you.


I hope that you are in a better situation than I was, but if you are not, you’re not alone. There are many women who have gone through difficult, and even abusive, relationships. I encourage you to reach out to other women in your life, your friends, your mom, teachers and talk with them about your relationships. That is something that I didn’t do and I wish I had. Sometimes an outside perspective can be really helpful in understanding what is going on.


If you want to talk to someone in complete confidence about your relationships, questions about birth control, or if you are wondering if you are pregnant and what options you have. . .Come to The Resource Center in Greeley or Windsor, where you can get FREE STD TESTS, PREGNANCY TESTS and more, in a safe and understanding environment.


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